Are you in need of a smaller dive watch, either due to small wrists or just preference? Prefer brighter colors? My guide to the best women’s dive watches is not just for women, but for anyone who doesn’t want to wear the large, >40 mm divers that tend to be produced for men these days.

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Best Womens Dive Watches - Momentum M1 Splash Eggplant
Personally, I wish men’s watches had more color options

Most of my articles on this site aren’t sorted by gender, but I’ve realized that the majority of watches I talk about on this site are quite large, usually over 42 mm or so. These are simply too big for the majority of women to wear comfortably, and even a large percentage of men with smaller wrists do not like the trend of ever larger watches.

However, I also believe that a dive watch needs to be highly functional and large enough to be read with a quick glance. So you won’t find any recommendations for tiny, high-fashion, bejeweled ‘dive watches’ here.

Now, on to the watches! I’ve organized this list into some general price ranges, so feel free to skip around.

Best Luxury Women’s Dive Watches

** A quick note about buying luxury watches online **

The vast majority of people buying watches in this price range prefer to do it in person, especially when buying new. You have to be wary of fakes when buying any of these watches.

There are some trustworthy online sources though. For new luxury watches, I recommend They are extremely well reviewed, guaranteed to be real, and have great pricing on all the luxury Swiss brands.

For used luxury watches, I recommend heading over to and checking out the listings there.

#1 – Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe 5100 Series

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Blue


  • Blancpain caliber 1150 automatic mechanical movement
  • 100 hour power reserve
  • Unidirectional diver’s timing bezel with ceramic insert
  • 300 meter water resistance
  • 38.00 mm case diameter
  • 10.77 mm thick
  • 20.00 mm lug width

In many ways, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the original modern dive watch. First released in 1953, it pioneered many of the features we now take for granted (external rotating timing bezel, screw in case back).

The Bathyscaphe model here is a tribute to one of the earliest Fifty Fathoms models, released in the late 1950’s.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe White Lady
Bathyscaphe White Lady ©Johnson Watch

Luckily for those needing a smaller diver, Blancpain saw fit to release a version with a 38 mm diameter case.

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe comes with either a blue, black, or all white bezel and dial. I’m personally partial to the blue, but the ‘White Lady’ is definitely stunning.

#2 – Omega Planet Ocean 600m 37.5 mm

Best Women's Dive Watches - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Red Gold
Red Gold on Leather Strap


  • Omega caliber 8521 automatic mechanical movement
  • Chronometer rated
  • 50 hour power reserve
  • Unidirectional divers timing bezel
  • 600 meter water resistance
  • 37.5 mm case diameter
  • 18 mm lug width
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

The Omega Seamaster is the longest running product line still produced by Omega. First introduced in 1948, it now includes an incredible number of different subcollections and styles, including the Aqua Terra, Bullhead, Diver 300M, Planet Ocean 600M, and the unique Ploprof 1200M.

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Red Gold Side

Luckily for those with small wrists, Omega has always seen fit to produce versions of those watches in smaller case sizes (except for the Ploprof, it’s just huge).

From the Diver 300m Quartz cased at 28 mm, up to the Planet Ocean 600m at 37.5 mm, there’s plenty of options under a 38 mm case size.

The Planet Ocean 600m is a professional level luxury dive watch, and includes everything such a diver should. I don’t know of anybody doing saturation diving with a red gold Seamaster, but you definitely could.

Pricing ranges from around $6,000 for the stainless steel versions, up to around $20,000 for the all gold Planet Oceans. Out of my price range, but enjoy them if you can!

#3 – Rolex Yachtmaster

Best Women's Dive Watches - Rolex Yachtmaster 37 Rose Gold


  • Rolex caliber 2236 automatic movement
  • Chronometer certified
  • 55 hour power reserve
  • Bidirectional timing bezel
  • 100 meter water resistance
  • 37 mm case diameter

The famous Rolex Submariner is, unfortunately, only available with a 40 mm case. Luckily, the Yachtmaster has a very similar design and is available with a 37 mm case.

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Rolex Yachtmaster 37 Black Gold

The only downside to getting a Yachtmaster instead of a Submariner? The Yachmaster has only 100 meters of water resistance, vs. the Submariners 300 meters. I think that’ll do just fine for the vast majority of people though.

I don’t think I need to talk up Rolex here. Their quality is legendary, and if you want a Rolex, you tend to already know it.

Best High End Ladies Dive Watches

#1 – Oris Aquis Date


  • Oris caliber 733 automatic movement
  • 38 hour power reserve
  • Unidirectional divers timing bezel
  • 300 meter water resistance
  • Anti-reflective, domed sapphire crystal
  • Display case back with mineral glass, showcasing Oris red rotor
  • 36.5 mm case diameter
  • 18 mm lug to lug

For as long as I’ve been writing about dive watches I’ve wanted to pick up an Oris Aquis. Oris makes very high quality and good looking divers for a very reasonable price.

The Oris Aquis Date Ladies is a slightly smaller version of the larger men’s Aquis dive watches. With a 36.5 mm case diameter they’ll wear well on more slender wrists without sacrificing any functionality.

There’s a few varieties available, from the more tool diver looking ref. 73377314154RS to the diamond-studded ref. 73376524195MB

Even the diamond-studded version keeps it’s minimal, functional look though with the diamonds only affixed to the hour markers.

Why is the Oris Aquis Date Ladies one of the best women’s dive watches available?

Oris has managed to produce a watch that both looks high fashion and keeps it’s tool watch roots. The small but not too small size of the Aquis Ladies will fit many women perfectly.

Oris Caliber 733
Oris caliber 733

The Oris Aquis also has a display case back to show off their signature red automatic rotor. If you like to watch tiny, intricate machines at work then that would make this the perfect watch for you.

And your friends will be quite surprised when you take such a beautiful watch underwater with you.

The lovely Oris Divers Sixty Five also has a few models available in 36 mm, so be sure to check that out for a more vintage look:

#2 – Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300m

Best Women's Dive Watches - Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M 35mm Blue Steel


  • Tag Heuer quartz movement
  • Ceramic divers timing bezel
  • Steel case and full ceramic watches available
  • 300 meters water resistance
  • Flat anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  •  35 mm case diameter
  • 10 mm thick
  • 17 mm lug to lug
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Tag Heuer is an old Swiss luxury watch company, founded way back in 1860. The Aquaracer series was first released in 2003 as Tag Heuer’s professional, but visually attractive dive watch line.

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M 35mm Blue Steel

While Tag Heuer makes the Aquaracer line available with both quartz and automatic movements, the women’s series is currently only available with a quartz movement.

There’s a huge variety of styles available in the women’s Aquaracer line – from tool diver looking black bezel and dialed watches, to diamond studded dials and or bezels.

Best Women's Dive Watches - Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M 35mm White Ceramic
Aquaracer full ceramic bezel and case.

All of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer’s come with a ceramic bezel, but you can also get them with a ceramic case as well, and they are cool looking.

Check out a selection of my favorites below, but for more go here.

#3 – Longines HydroConquest

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Longines HydroConquest Blue Yellow Steel


  • Longines caliber L156 quartz movement
  • Unidirectional rotating divers timing bezel
  • 300 meter water resistance
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steel case
  • 34.00 mm case diameter

The Longines HydroConquest is currently #1 on my best dive watches under $1000 list, and it consistently gets recommended by many watch enthusiasts around the web.

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Longines HydroConquest Blue Steel

Luckily, Longines produces a couple versions for smaller wrists. I’ve selected the 34mm watch here, but it is also available with a 29.5mm case.

We are stuck with quartz movements in these smaller watches, but I think most people can get past that. If you really want an automatic, you can go for a 39mm case, which is reasonable for most.

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Longines HydroConquest Black Steel

These are gorgeous divers watches that would also be at home worn as a dress watch.

Best Mid Range Women’s Dive Watches

#1 – Seiko SBDN01x Titanium Solar Diver

Best Women's Dive Watches - Seiko Prospex SBDN017


  • Seiko caliber v157 solar quartz movement
  • 10 month power reserve at full charge
  • Unidirectional titanium timing bezel
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Titanium case and bracelet
  • Hardlex mineral glass crystal
  • 38.75mm case diameter
  • 11.2mm thick
  • 18mm lug width
  • 73g weight
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Seiko is seriously lacking when it comes to smaller dive watches these days. This is a problem, because there’s lots of people out there with smaller wrists who love Seiko watches (myself included).

There are currently only a couple of models still being produced that are less than 40mm – the SBDN Solar Titanium watch right here, and the SKX013, which also made this article down lower.

Best Women's Dive Watches - Seiko Prospex SBDN015 Case Back

Made out of titanium, the SBDN01x watches are seriously lightweight, but also decently expensive. 

Best Women's Dive Watches - Seiko Prospex SBDN015 Side

If you’re looking for a traditional Seiko tool diver look, but in a smaller size, be sure to check these out. There’s three color options, the SBDN017 in blue, SBDN019 with black bezel and dial, and the SBDN015 with white bezel and black dial.

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#2 – Christopher Ward C60 TRIDENT 300

Best Women's Dive Watches - Christopher Ward C60 Trident 300 Orange


  • Swiss Ronda 515 quartz movement
  • 300m (1000ft) water resistance
  • Aviation-grade aluminum unidirectional bezel
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • 38mm case diameter
  • 45.5mm lug to lug
  • 11.35mm thick
  • 20mm band width
  • Date window
  • Superluminova hands and markers

Christopher Ward makes absolutely fantastic dive watches at a very reasonable price point. The quality of their entire catalog is quite amazing. You won’t find many other divers for around $500 that can compete with their watches.

Best Women's Dive Watches - Christopher Ward C60 Trident 300 Black Sideways

The C60 Trident isn’t specifically a woman’s watch, but at a 38mm diameter it should wear very comfortably on most ladies, and watches of this size have been very much in style among women these days. They offer several strap sizes at checkout, so be sure to select the small if buying for someone with a slight wrist.

Where to buy the Christopher Ward C60 Trident 300?

Chris Ward sells directly from their own website which helps them keep costs down. For used watches I again recommend checking eBay and see if there’s any decent copies available.

#3 – Deep Blue Ladies Sea Ramic 500 Diver

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Deep Blue Sea Ramic White


  • Swiss Ronda 785 quartz movement
  • Ceramic unidirectional timing bezel
  • 500 meter water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 36mm case diameter
  • 41mm lug to lug
  • 18mm lug width

Deep Blue watches is a relatively new U.S. company, founded in 2007 and based in New York State. They’ve quickly become known for producing professional quality dive watches at a good price, with none of the big brand markup. 

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Deep Blue Sea Ramic White Side

The Sea Ramic 500 is a very tough watch in a small size. With only a 36mm case diameter, it should fit even the slimmest wrists with comfort.

With a ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, and 500 meters of water resistance, this watch punches above it’s price point.

The Sea Ramic 500 was originally available in all sorts of colors, but as of this writing most are sold out, except for the white and white with gold.

You can pick up the Deep Blue Sea Ramic 500 direct from the Deep Blue website.

Best Budget Women’s Dive Watches

#1 – Seiko SKX013

Best Ladies Dive Watches - Seiko SKX013


  • Seiko 7S26 automatic movement
  • Stainless steel case
  • 200m (660ft) water resistance
  • Unidirectional diver’s timing bezel
  • Hardlex crystal
  • 37mm case diameter
  • 11.5mm height
  • 20mm band width
  • Smaller version of the famous SKX007
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The Seiko SKX013 is a smaller diameter version of the extremely popular SKX007 dive watch. At only 37mm in diameter it’ll fit anybody with smaller wrists much more comfortably than the 41.5mm SKX007.

As the SKX007 is one of my (and many others) favorite dive watches I just had to include the SKX013 on this list.

Why is Seiko’s SKX series so popular? They’re high quality and reasonably priced automatic divers without many frills. They will take a beating though. 

Get one on a rubber strap and take it out diving, or buy one of the excellent super oyster bracelets and wear it to the office. It really is a go anywhere, do anything watch.

Seiko SKX007 Diver Dial

Be sure to check my Seiko SKX007 review for some close up pictures – the SKX013 is an almost exact copy, just smaller.

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#2 – Momentum M1 Splash 38

Best Womens Dive Watches - Momentum M1 Splash Eggplant


  •  Japanese quartz movement
  • Unidirectional rotating divers timing bezel
  • Highly polished stainless steel case
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Mineral or sapphire crystals available
  • 39.3mm case diameter
  • 47.2mm lug to lug
  • 11.7mm thick
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Momentum Watch is a sports watch brand owned by St. Moritz Watch Corp. The brand has been around since 1980, so they’ve got a good few years under their belt. And being based in Vancouver, Canada, Momentum has plenty of opportunity to test their watches.

Best Women's Dive Watches - momentum m1 splash colors

The Momentum M1 Splash series is a collection of smaller dive watches offered in a whole range of bright colors. You can get them with white dials, black dials, colorful rubber bands, or stainless steel bracelets.

The Momentum dive watches are very well reviewed for what they are, inexpensive tool watches. If you like lots of colors, be sure to take a look at these.

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