Can’t find a dive watch you like, or can’t afford the one you want?

Modding (watch modification) may be the answer.

For an example, redditor bonzo_montreux recently posted their perfect build.

seiko skx171 dive watch

Starting with the Seiko SKX171 as a base, they modified nearly everything:

yobokies marine master hands

Handset replaced with Marinemaster style hands, available from Yobokies.

yobokies coin edge bezel

A coin edge bezel, also from Yobokies.

dagaz milsub bezel insert

The ‘Milsub’ bezel insert from Dagaz.

Oyster Bracelet Protective Plastic

A Strapcode Super Oyster bracelet.

yobokies bubble boy sapphire crystal

And finally, the ‘Bubble Boy’ highly-domed sapphire crystal from Yobokies.

The dial, case, and automatic movement were all left stock. (The SKX171 comes with some lovely applied markers on its dial).

seiko skx171 custom mod 

All of this combines to form a watch that is both unique to the builder, and looks like a much more expensive piece. 

By the way, did you follow some of those links above to Yobokies, but are confused as to how to actually buy these mod parts? Harold at Yobokies (Seikoboy backwards) runs things a little old school. Go through his photobucket albums (beware the ads), find what you want, and then email him at [email protected]

Watch modding isn’t for everybody. It takes a lot of time and effort just to select the parts you’d like to change, much less the expertise needed to actually do the modifications.

Both Yobokies and Dagaz Watch will also do the assembly for you, if you don’t feel like acquiring the necessary skills and equipment.

Anyways, have fun! I plan on writing a lot more about watch modding in the future. I’ve owned my SKX007 for long enough now that I think it’s time to start messing with it.

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