Want to sport a little bit of color, specifically orange, for the Halloween holiday and fall season?

You could buy a whole new watch with a flashy orange dial, but maybe that’s a bit overkill.

How about switching out your current strap, band, or bracelet for a fancy new orange one?

There’s several different options depending on your mood, including orange NATO’s, Zulu’s, and orange rubber bands.

I couldn’t find any orange bracelets, but if you’re going crazy with this I’m sure you could spray paint a cheap Ritche oyster bracelet. Or there’s this fake rubber oyster bracelet from Toscana, which might look a bit silly.

NATO Straps

NATO straps are pretty simple and don’t cost a lot. Made out of simple stitched nylon webbing with some thin rings and a buckle, it’s hard to get a bad one. Really cheap straps tend to be glued instead of stitched, and have buckles made with a poor metal choice. For the most part though, anything around $10 or so seems to be pretty decent in my experience.

Solid Orange Strap from Barron Watch Company

Barron Watch Company straps come in many different sizes and colors. They receive great reviews, and also include extra spring bars and a tool.

This particular strap is a simple solid orange. Not interesting enough for you? Keep looking, I’ve found some more visually inspiring ones.

Black With Single Orange Stripe from Barton Watch Bands

This ones nice if you only want just a hint of orange in your life. Barton offers this strap in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm widths. It can also be ordered with either a 10″ or 11″ length for different wrist sizes.

Something a little different with this strap is the nylon loop for keeping the tail of the strap tucked in, instead of another steel ring.

Light Blue, Black, and Orange from Clockwork Synergy

I’m a pretty big fan of this color combination. I wouldn’t have thought the light blue would go well with a bright orange, but it really does.

Clockwork Synergy also has a dark blue and orange band that’s worth checking out.

Stealth Carbon Fiber Leather with Orange Stitching from Dassari

Here’s an interesting and subtly orange strap. Black Italian leather, imprinted with carbon fiber, and bright orange stitching.

I’m going to have to try one of these out on my black-cased Timex Depth Gauge.

ZULU Straps

ZULU straps are similar to NATO’s in that they’re usually made out of nylon webbing, with a few important differences. The nylon is generally thicker, and the steel rings are heavier and more rounded. They come in either 3-ring or 5-ring styles. The 5-rings wear similar to a NATO strap, with an extra length of nylon laying under the watch. 3-rings simply pass straight through the spring bars, without an extra keeper strap.

Solid Orange ZULU from ArtStyle

Want to go really bright? How about this solid bright orange ZULU? Made in a nice, thick, high quality nylon with brushed stainless steel rings.

Available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, or 24mm widths it should fit any watch you throw it at.

Black, grey, and orange ZULU from ArtStyle

Don’t want to go full orange? Tone it down a little bit with black and grey stripes. Same as above, this strap is constructed from a thick heavy-duty nylon with brushed stainless steel rings and buckle.

Rubber Bands

Usually made out of synthetic rubber of some kind, such as silicone, rubber watch bands are extremely popular for a casual, sporty look. In the summer heat they can get uncomfortable due to sweaty arms, but that won’t be a problem during the fall.

Pumpkin Silicone Rubber Band from Barton Watch Bands

This is a pretty basic silicone watch strap, with one nice feature: There’s a small slot in the attachment point to make it easier to release the spring bars. I would appreciate this a lot, rubber bands are always a pain to get off the watch.

Black and Orange Band from Sanwa

Dark black with an orange stripe down the center? Yes please. This should add a bit of bright, fall time color to any diver.

Rally Style Orange Band from Toscana

I’ve always liked these rally style straps, with the large holes down the center. Not many reviews on this one as of yet, but if it’s terrible at least it’s easy to return items to Amazon.

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