I’ve got a thing for bronze diver’s. I don’t own one yet, but there’s several on my short list for a next purchase. Bronze is a very traditional metal to use aboard ships, due to its amazing salt water corrosion resistance. While fresh bronze is very golden in color, it quickly develops this multi-colored (exact color depends on the alloy) surface patina that I just love, and gives anything made using it it’s own unique look.

Dive watches with bronze cases are no different, and over time will all patina in unique and interesting ways. Hence their appeal to many people.

Steinhart Watches just released their Triton 30ATM Bronze ‘Last Edition watch, and it’s gorgeous. Steinhart has been using the Triton case design for over 10 years now, in many different models / editions, and by retiring the design with this Last Edition, it marks the beginning of a new era for them.

Triton 30ATM Last EditionFeaturing a display caseback, sapphire crystal, 300m(100ft) of water resistance, and a high contrast design, this is one beautiful diver. At a cost of 580 euros ($660) the Triton Last Edition is unfortunately a little bit too rich for my current budget, but still looks to present some great value.  

Check it out here: http://www.steinhartwatches.de/en/-TRITON-30ATM-bronze-last-edition,976.html

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